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Who Are the Fathers We Serve? We offers a variety of programs for fathers. 

If you are married, Fathers Leading Families™ focuses on ways to manage reaching your highest potential at work and finding realistic ways to be there for your wife and children.

If you are a father that is no longer with the mother of your children, Fathers Leading Families™ will help you focus on ways to maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship from separate homes.

If you are a single father, raising your children on your own, Fathers Leading Families™ will help you manage the challenges of being the provider and nurturer all on your own. 

9 Facets of Fatherhood™ Group

The 9 Facets of Fatherhood™ is an 8-week group based on Jason Johnson, LCSW’s In-Home Parent Leadership Program®. The 9 Facets of Fatherhood include:

Fabric of Fatherhood
Faith of Fatherhood (All Religions Welcomed)
Fitness of Fatherhood
Food of Fatherhood (Nutrition)
Family of Fatherhood (Spousal-Self)
Family of Fatherhood (Parenting-Self)
Finances of Fatherhood
Friends of Fatherhood (Social Support)
Fulfillment of Fatherhood

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Fathers Leading Families™

Programs for Fathers

Sessions are facilitated by our staff who are trained in the Behavioral Emotional and Supportive Thoughts Parent Leadership Model™. Through reprogramming, exploration, guidance, and direct training, fathers will learn how to successfully balance work-life, family, and children.