Helping to Restore Order, Empower Parents, & Reconnect Families.
The In-Home Parent Coach®
In-Home Therapy
What is Parent Coaching? Parent coaching helps parents maximize their ability to lead their children from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night. Coaching focuses on the 'here and now', rather than the distant past (or future).

What is Therapy?  Therapy is the diagnosing and treatment of a Mental Health Disorder (i.e. ADHD, O.D.D., Depression, Anxiety, etc.). All professionals diagnose children with the same standardized methodologies, and it is the treatment approaches that vary. 

Our Staff
Our Staff include Certified Parent Coaches and Licensed Mental Health Professionals. We believe that parents can gain the necessary leadership skills to restore order in the home, strengthen the bond between parent/child, and reconnect with their children.
In-Home Parent Coaching

Parent Friendly...

Child Approved!

"We find that we are better able to be in control and stay calm when confronted by various situations with our children (which is quite often!).  The techniques do work and we feel great to be in charge, instead of our children being in charge.  Finally, we now truly see that we can effectively lead our children without yelling and punishing them like we used to.  We recommend it for anyone that has ever wondered if parenting could be easier!  Our life has gone from chaos to routine because of  you!" (Mother & Father- Northern NJ)