The In-Home Parent Coach®
Secrets to Eliminate Defiance & Talking Back Without Using 
Punishments, Time-Out, Behavioral Plans, or Rewards!

Do you love your child? Of course you do! That is why (as far as I am concerned) you will never need a single parenting skill! For knowing how to love your child/children, you are already the expert, and nobody can ever teach you how to do that!  Unfortunately, love alone does not guarantee that your child will:

• Follow directions without talking back;
• Stop using physical aggression towards others;
• Be ready for school/bed on time;
• Share his or her toys with siblings;
• Refrain from tantrums;
• Become accountable for his or her actions.

But something in addition to love does! What does it take to get my child to cooperate better?

Leadership Training.

That’s right, leadership training. You see, it is neither your fault nor your child’s that parenting is so challenging.  The reality is that a breakdown has occurred in parent-child relationships due to the fast pace, technologically advanced, high pressure world we live in today.

To make matters worse, very little training, guidance, or assistance is available (other than advice from family and friends, self-help books, medication, or therapy).

We have so many technological advancements; and yet, we are left with only a few answers to critical questions.  Questions, such as:

• How do I get my child to listen the first time?
• How do I get my child to stop bickering and whining?
• How do I motivate my child without nagging, yelling, or punishing?

I am Jason Johnson, The In-Home Parent Coach®. I have spent many years working with hundreds of challenging toddlers through teenagers diagnosed with A.D.H.D, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Aspberger’s syndrome, and Bipolar.  I work with boys and girls (ages 2-19) with severe emotional/behavioral issues from various ethnic backgrounds, races, and religions.

I created The In-Home Parent Leadership Program® from the overwhelming need for parents to have the necessary skills to handle their children’s most challenging behaviors.  From managing tantrums, to limiting acting out, or even violent behaviors, parents will learn step-by-step how to drastically shorten the weeks (sometimes months or even years) it takes to restore order in the home, strengthen the bond between parent/child, and reconnect with your child-tonight!

"After taking the In-Home Parent Coach Leadership Program, I now know an easier way to parent.  In-Home Coaching definitely made my life easier, once I started using the parenting tips in my daily life.  Trust me, if a mother of two boys younger than 7 years old, with a full-time job and full-time bills has time to take this program and use these tips...I think anyone can!  I recommend this program for anyone that has ever wondered if parenting can be easier!!!  I can say that my life has gone form chaos to routine because of the In-Home Parent Coach!" -Liz V. 

"I find the In-Home Parent Coach Leadership program very easy to comprehend and apply in my daily life.  I find that I am better able to be in control and stay calm when confronted by various situations with my children (which is quite often!).  The techniques do work and I feel great to be in charge, instead of my children being in charge." -Sara B. 

"I am the father of a 12-year old son who has Oppositional Defiance Disorder and ADHD. I am always looking for ways to help him that do not include “increasing his Meds”. I am so excited that I came across this program.  I truly see my relationship with my son in a new light!  We get along much better than we used to, and he is much more cooperative and helpful around the house.” -Tom G

"Thanks to the In-Home Parent Coach Parent Leadership Training, I have finally learned how to stay calm, cool, and collected when my 9 year old daughter throws a fit! She has been following directions within 30 seconds to a minute since we have been using your strategies.  It used to take 15-20 minutes just to get her to do anything my wife and I told her to do”  -Eric S

“After taking parent leadership program, I now truly see that I can effectively lead my children without yelling, and punishing my children like I used to.  They say that parenting is a job that doesn't come with a manual…that is until NOW!  The manual, the cds, the email and over the phone support has been more helpful than any words can describe! Thanks for all of your help” -Melanie D

"Thank you so much for the wise and strategic ways of dealing with my child’s behavior. From the moment I start using your strategies, I have seen a turn around day 1…and I have been struggling with our two daughters (ages 11 and 7) for the past 4 years.  Thanks a million!” -Britney and Sean